Residential & Commercial Landscape Design


Create a beautiful landscape for your home or business with Zanolini Nursery & Country Shop in Drums, Pennsylvania. Your landscape design is a reflection of you; therefore, we always take time to get to know you and make sure you play an integral role in every process. Our landscape specialists will work with you to design, install, and maintain your lawns, plants, flowerbeds, and other additional features.

Landscape Services

All of our work is tailored to meet your property's specific needs in a timely fashion. Just some of our services include:

   •  Water Feature Projects
   •  Design & Project Planning
   •  Installation
   •  Maintenance
   •  Excavation & Drainage
   •  Container Planting
   •  Water Features
   •  Mulching
   •  Stone Walls & Walks
   •  Pruning
   •  Landscape Renovations
   •  Quality Nursery Stock
   •  Annuals & Perennials


  Contact us to learn more about our yard-transforming landscape design services.